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The 2017-2018 submission deadline was Thursday, Oct 12, 2017.  Thank you for your submissions.

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The BHEF is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to enhance educational excellence in the Berkeley Heights Public Schools by sponsoring programs  that support innovative instruction, strengthen school–community ties, enrich students’ appreciation of the arts and humanities, and augment technology resources throughout the district.


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Looking to acknowledge someone special in your child's school?

BHEF Tributes are a wonderful way to recognize teachers, principals, secretaries, guidance counselors, coaches, supervisors, aides, cafeteria staff, custodians and others in our educational community. When you order a Tribute, you will receive a Tribute certificate that can be signed by you or your child and proudly presented to each person honored with your donation.

Tributes may be ordered at any time during the school year. However, submitting your order by December 15th will ensure that you will receive Tribute cards before the Winter Recess. Order your tribute today via our website: