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BHEF Grant Application 2018-19  Grant applications now being accepted with a deadline of Thursday, Oct 11, 2018.  Any questions, please contact the committee at

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The BHEF is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to enhance educational excellence in the Berkeley Heights Public Schools by sponsoring programs  that support innovative instruction, strengthen school–community ties, enrich students’ appreciation of the arts and humanities, and augment technology resources throughout the district.


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2018-19 Grant Spotlight: #WINNING at Mountain Park. We were able to fund the purchase of materials for the WIN (What I Need) period for 4th graders. The goal of this grant is for students to work cooperatively to plan, build, and create structures. Additionally students will enhance their math, reading, and language arts skills and thinking. As school becomes more test-centered, we often lose this creative time for students to use their imaginations, discuss, and collaborate in activities that interest and appeal to them.
Thanks to Mrs. Pellegrini, Mrs. Guerriero, Mrs. Saravay and Mr. Prupis for applying for this grant.