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Technology Teacher Daniel Guyton is doing some amazing work in his classroom to update and provide cutting edge innovative Technology & STEAM education to our students.


Dan is currently incorporating STEAM via automation and 3D modeling into the curriculum in his 3D Printing Lab. For example, students currently use the 3D Printers to design tires for their CO2 Cars, create and model jewelry in Fine Metalworking and redesign tools developing new inventions/innovations in CADD class. At the end of 2021, students designed and printed 3D Gliders in Intro to Technology for their final projects as part of a Flight/Aerospace Unit.


Additionally, Dan was recently approved for a district “Passion Project” and successfully applied for and received six new 3D Printers through a grant from the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation. He plans to have a ten 3D Printer Lab in his room and then two older printers in the office between the Tech Labs that he shares with the Woodshop next door. This will give classes a 2 student to 1 ratio per 3D Printer. Professional development training in the fall for teachers interested in learning how to create 3D designs and 3D print models will be offered this fall. During this Professional Development, he will invite teachers to develop STEAM Integrated Curriculum projects where students will collaborate and develop solutions using the engineering design thinking process and the 3D Printing Lab.

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