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BH Downtown Revitalization Commemorative Book

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As part of an enrichment unit, the Gifted and Talented program known as Quest have partnered with the Berkeley Heights Downtown Revitalization efforts to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of our nation’s National Parks. This revitalization effort will include Peppertown Park off of Sherman Avenue. The elementary Quest students will be doing an impact study focused on 1) learning about the reason and purpose for having a park within a community, 2) gathering facts about Berkeley Heights and Peppertown Park and its historical connection to our community, 3) understanding that parks have an economical, health, environmental and social benefits. The culminating activity will be a presentation at all the elementary schools where the Quest students will share our town’s history. The students will celebrate our Nation’s 100th National Park Anniversary through using multi-media presentation (including student artwork), photo essays, song, and presenting a book of memorabilia. Request includes funding for frames for artwork, large photo printing, and photo paper for works to be posted in schools, and potentially library and Peppertown Park community center in the future. (awarded to Andrea Masri for TPH, WW, MP Quest Students)

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