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Makerspace at CMS

Implement a Makerspace using a Makerspace bundle from Follett Library Resources for all 6-8 grade level students to utilize in the CMS library. This bundle contains one each of the following maker kit items: 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit, Discover Electronics, Exploring Machines, Glowing House, Knox 2 – Google I/O 2015 (Google Cardboard), Ozobot Double, White & Black, Snap Circuits Light & Sound Combo in Case, Touch board starter kit., and Yum Science. It also contains one each of the following books: “Electrical engineering and the science of circuits”, “How to code in 10 easy lessons : learn how to design and code your very own computer game”, and “Robotics : from concept to consumer” We will advertise that we now have a maker space in the library by having it announced on our daily notice, hanging signs up around our school building, as well as announcing it on our web page. Students would be invited to utilize the space during EP, and faculty members would be invited to learn how it works so that they may book time in the library as they see fit to coincide with their curriculum. (awarded to Cheryl Kurowski for CMS)

Growth Mindset

Teacher resource books and read aloud character education books for use by all fourth grade students at MP. The 4th grade team will promote a growth mindset and give the 4th grade students the strategies and tools to turn negative self-talk to positive, grow self-confidence, improve writing, encourage deeper thinking, and develop public speaking skills, as well as ways to successfully deal with situations that may occur at lunchtime or on the playground. Students will identify and realize characteristics of being a good and kind student, friend, and citizen. At least one book will be read per week. Writing responses will be posted daily on the whiteboard so children can write and share their thoughts, successes, and encouragement. The writing will be done in students’ writer’s notebooks as well as the whiteboard. An example of a writing prompt: Motivational Monday: Life is Tough, but so are you! What motivates you to get through Monday? (awarded to Marie Pellegrini, Michele Guerriero, Sherry Butler, Maryann Confroy for MP)

How a Town Fought Hate

Using music and an array of puppetry techniques, this play, “The Town That Fought Hate”, incorporates the concepts of tolerance and acceptance by recounting the events of a 1933 bias incident that took place in Billings, Montana. Includes purchase of copies of the book on which the play is based: The Christmas Menorahs: How a Town Fought Hate by Janice Cohn. Play performed for all MP, TPH, WW 5th graders by Young Audiences Arts for Learning. Would be incorporated into Holocaust unit during library classes.
(awarded to Marilyn Merrill, Mary Niedenfehr for TPH, MP, WW)

Story Pirates

Story Pirates is a program that consists of 4 separate assemblies (MP grades 2-3 and grades 4-5) in 2 visits, during which a company of 5 actors will come to the school to encourage the writing process through brainstorming, writing, improvisation, and performance. After the first assembly, the students will write stories of their own which are submitted to the Story Pirates. One story from each grade will be selected, and the story pirates will return to perform the chosen stories at the 2nd set of assemblies. MP PTO and BHEF would each fund half.
(awarded to C. Pastore, S. Saravay, J. Stanek for MP)

Blindness Awareness Month Art Program

October is a month punctuated by both the Week of Respect (related to the HIB Law) and the Blindness Awareness Month nationwide. As a way of highlighting both, the Open studio/advanced art classes will create art (mixed media printing with blindfolds) to be displayed throughout the school. In addition, graphic artist and former Governor Livingston graduate, Christian Markovich, will speak to students about his hearing loss and subsequent vision loss and his life career as a graphic artist as it has evolved with the progression of his genetic illness. Work will be on display in the hallway, the IMC as well as images will be displayed on our school website.
(awarded to Marissa Gold, Neal Korn for GL)

Imagination Playground

The materials for the imagination playground (giant blue foam blocks) support best practice in early childhood education as they allow for open-ended thinking and problem solving, encourage inquiry, and develop social and collaborative skills necessary for 21st century learners. STEAM education (Science, technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) elements are integral to meeting the needs of the future of our country. These materials have been designed to incorporate all the STEAM elements and will appeal to the curious nature of early childhood students. May be used inside or outside.
(awarded to Susan Poage, Anne Corley-Hand, Margaret Collins, Karen Twill, Frank Fabiano for MKM ECC)

BH Downtown Revitalization Commemorative Book

As part of an enrichment unit, the Gifted and Talented program known as Quest have partnered with the Berkeley Heights Downtown Revitalization efforts to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of our nation’s National Parks. This revitalization effort will include Peppertown Park off of Sherman Avenue. The elementary Quest students will be doing an impact study focused on 1) learning about the reason and purpose for having a park within a community, 2) gathering facts about Berkeley Heights and Peppertown Park and its historical connection to our community, 3) understanding that parks have an economical, health, environmental and social benefits. The culminating activity will be a presentation at all the elementary schools where the Quest students will share our town’s history. The students will celebrate our Nation’s 100th National Park Anniversary through using multi-media presentation (including student artwork), photo essays, song, and presenting a book of memorabilia. Request includes funding for frames for artwork, large photo printing, and photo paper for works to be posted in schools, and potentially library and Peppertown Park community center in the future. (awarded to Andrea Masri for TPH, WW, MP Quest Students)

Vinyl Cutter and Materials

A Vinyl cutter for the Graphic Design and Digital Imaging Art programs that use Adobe Illustrator at Governor Livingston high school. A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled plotting device with a blade instead of a pen. A vector based design is created in the software program Adobe Illustrator and then sent to the cutter where it cuts along the vector paths laid out in the design. Students will create designs in Adobe Illustrator and we would send the logo, text or image to the Cameo 3 cutter and the cutter would precisely cut it out for incorporation into art pieces. (awarded to Geralyn Mohr for GL)

Wobble and Ball Chairs

Kids Kore Wobble Chairs and Ball Chairs will allow students to get their “wiggles” out by encouraging subtle movements without getting up from their seats. Providing students with a variety of seating options will help to naturally facilitate paying attention, sitting up straighter, and strengthening back muscles. Research shows improvements in seated behaviors, when students are provided with seating options that encourage alerting, movement input. These chairs would be available to general education and special education teachers in the elementary schools to be utilized by students that would benefit from movement during class instruction and/or class work. Teachers reported a decrease in negative seated behaviors, less redirecting needed, an increase in work productivity and attention to task, and an improved attitude towards classwork. (awarded to Jaime Cucchiara (Occupational Therapist) for TPH, MP, WW)

Being a Writer

Being a Writer is a program that promotes models of fourth grade writing through collaborative writing tasks, teacher and peer conferences, classroom discussion, writing for real audiences, and student self-assessments. In line with 21st Century Skills, this program teaches students to incorporate a variety of mediums to enhance their thinking and writing. The kit includes a Student Writing Handbook, Student Skill Practice Book, Assessment Resource Book, the correlating Teacher Manuals, and Digital Teacher’s Set that allows for access to online tools, resources, and lessons to be used on the interactive whiteboards. Can be used in future years. (awarded to Kate Corcoran, Lindsay Liguori, Matthew Madura for TPH 4th grade.)