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Virtual Reality Headsets

A Google Expedition 10-device set of Virtual Reality headsets with supporting technology to be available for use by teachers for students in grades 6-12. (awarded to James Finley for Columbia Middle school and Governor Livingston High school)


Five showings “Anytown” play performances spotlighting opioid abuse and its impacts on teens and Families. Five performances will be provided to students from 9th to 12th grade including a parent evening program. (awarded to Tara Oliveira for Governor Livingston High school)

Mindfulness for All

Mindfulness will be taught through counseling, health, and/or teacher directed lessons using books, activity cards, 10 Tibetan singing bowls, a classroom set of yoga mats, and Kindness Rocks materials. (awarded to Patricia Gasparini for Woodruff school)

Mindful School training

Six elementary counselors, elementary nurses, and guidance supervisors will be trained in a 6-week online Mindful Schools program called Mindful Fundamentals. (awarded to Aida Swon, Heather Goldstein, Elizabeth Bartlett, Debbie Ruetsch, Emily Long, and Ashley Janosko for MKM ECC, Hughes, Mountain Park, and Woodruff schools)


50 one-year subscriptions for 8th grade French students to ImmerseMe, a virtual reality immersion language-learning program. In this program, students can interact with real native speakers and practice over 500 scenarios in the target language. (awarded to Ashlee Combe for Columbia Middle school)


25 Wonderboard Junior Architect tile kits and a set of children’s architecture books for 2nd – 5th grade students to explore and create designs for tree houses, haunted houses, cityscapes and foreign dwellings. (awarded to Jennifer Hanselman for Woodruff school)

Walking Classroom

10 WalkKit listening devices and teacher guides teach core concepts while at the same time allowing 5th grade students to move and to get exercise. (awarded to Jennifer Fischer for Hughes school)

Kindness Rocks

Students will brainstorm and research inspirational kindness messages and paint them on rocks which will be placed on school grounds as well as in the BH community for people to find. Includes rocks and painting supplies. (awarded to Jessica Nardi for Hughes school)

Involved Citizens

Fiction and non-fiction books with What Do You Say… What Do You Do… in the Community? Social Skills Board Game to supplement learning about government and citizenship for 3rd grade students. (awarded to Gina Holzmann for Mountain Park school)