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Teacher resource books and read aloud character education books for use by all fourth grade students at MP. The 4th grade team will promote a growth mindset and give the 4th grade students the strategies and tools to turn negative self-talk to positive, grow self-confidence, improve writing, encourage deeper thinking, and develop public speaking skills, as well as ways to successfully deal with situations that may occur at lunchtime or on the playground. Students will identify and realize characteristics of being a good and kind student, friend, and citizen. At least one book will be read per week. Writing responses will be posted daily on the whiteboard so children can write and share their thoughts, successes, and encouragement. The writing will be done in students’ writer’s notebooks as well as the whiteboard. An example of a writing prompt: Motivational Monday: Life is Tough, but so are you! What motivates you to get through Monday? (awarded to Marie Pellegrini, Michele Guerriero, Sherry Butler, Maryann Confroy for MP)

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