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The BHEF is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to support the Berkeley Heights Public Schools. We sponsor programs and organize events with the following goals in mind:

  • Support innovative and creative educational programs for students and faculty
  • Encourage community involvement in the educational process
  • Enrich our children’s appreciation of the arts and humanities
  • Enhance technology to prepare students for the world and workplace of the 21st century.

Literary Lunches

In the Schools

Congratulations to our 2020 scholarship recipients!

Jessica Zhao

GLHS Award for
Academic Achievement

Benjamin Grimes

GLHS Award for
Community Service

Andrew Couto

CMS Award

Arianna Mauri

CMS Award
Governor Livingston High School Scholarship

Since 1999, the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation has honored college-bound graduating seniors of Governor Livingston High School with monetary scholarships. To date, $7,000 has been awarded to deserving students at the high school’s annual senior awards assembly in June.

Continuing our scholarship program at Governor Livingston High School, each of two graduates will receive a $500 cash award. The recipients will be selected by the faculty based on criteria established by the BHEF in keeping with our goals of educational excellence and community involvement.

One recipient will be:

  • A graduating senior who is planning to attend a four year college,
  • A Berkeley Heights resident, and
  • Will have a GPA that falls within the top 20% of his/her class, having taken at least three Advanced Placement courses.

The second recipient will be:

  • A graduating senior who is planning to attend a four year college,
  • A Berkeley Heights resident, and
  • Will have shown dedication in continuous significant service to the community over the last four years.
Governor Livingston

2019: Gianluca Baglioni (academic excellence) and Andrew Vanacore (community service)

2018: Angela Bonetti (academic excellence) and Amanda Azalone (community service)

2017: Niyant Narang (academic excellence) and Lauren Boyd (community service)

2016:Maura Pallitta (academic excellence) and Karly Deland (community service)

2015: Emily Xu (academic excellence) and Rachel Skerker (community service)

2014: Jacelyn Greenwald (academic excellence) and Victor Candeloro (community service)

2013: Andrew McNamara (academic excellence) and Michael Lodziana (community service)

2012: Rebecca Johnson (academic excellence) and Allie Deegan (community service)

2011: Austin Poon (academic excellence) and Melissa Reedy (community service)

2010: B.B. Cuccioli (academic excellence) and Andrew Gildea (community service)

2009: Arlene Douglas (academic excellence) and Kevin DiStefano (community service)

2008: Megan Lam (academic excellence) Laurie Delatour (community service)

2007: Kelsey Hall (academic excellence) Kelli McGovern (community service)

2006: Andrew Mathis (academic excellence) Katelyn Finley (community service)

2005: Veena Venkatachalam (academic excellence) Laura Herman (community service)

2004: Chandrani Mondal and Bryan Beal

2003: Caitlin Masters and Meagan Butler

2002: Danielle Penabad and Anil Abraham

2001: Brent Hayden and Malcolm Mattes

2000: Lindsay Crowl and Heather McDonald

1999: David Gorin and Rupa Sekhar

Columbia Middle School Award

In 2005, the Board of Trustees of the BHEF voted to expand our recognition program to Columbia Middle School. At the conclusion of the academic year, two graduating eighth grade students, each of whom is well rounded with good academic achievement and involvement in community or school activities will be selected by the faculty. Each will receive a $100 cash award funded by the BHEF.

The Berkeley Heights Education Foundation is proud of the achievements of the many talented students in our community and is pleased to be able to recognize their accomplishments.

Columbia Middle School

2019: Ethan Wong and Kate Curran

2018: Mary Kane and Matthew Lee

2017: Ryan Matthews and Paige Wathen

2016: Madison Stein and Brandon Woods

2015: Noah Truncale and Yuki Schwab

2014: Jabili Kandula and James Pitingolo

2013: Tim Donohue and Jamie Diamond

2012: Matthew Koutsasflas and Tara Prabhu

2011: Michael Middlebrook and Lauren Sobol

2010: Teagen Haddad and Paul Jamolawicz

2009: Bridget Crisonino and Andrew Krasny

2008: Matt Gallitelli and Carolyn Lanza

2006: Lena Krause and Nicholas Sousa

2005: Alyssa Dilly and Matthew Lander