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This grant provided outdoor tables to create an “outdoor classroom” for the area under the maples next to the IMC at Governor Livingston High School. This area has many benefits, including natural shade and working wifi. The area already has one table, and this grant provided 3 additional tables required to provide sufficient seating for up to 24 students. At GL, teachers currently book special areas, such as computer labs and the IMC, for work outside the traditional classroom. The outdoor classroom would be set up in a similar way by having teachers book the area in advance. GL teachers were surveyed, and those interested in using an outdoor classrooms stated: “A good place to do lab experiments that involve wind, water, or throwing objects.” “Ability to do projects (ie. those that involve measurement)…” “Being outside will spark creative juices…” “Geometry classes (trig. using shadows to find measurements).” “…especially when studying literature…it would be a nice change of scenery.” (awarded to Lara Mendenhall for GL)

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