Our Goals

Founding members of the BHEF have watched their vision for the students in our district come to fruition over the years as their successors organized events and sponsored programs with the following goals in mind:

  • Support innovative and creative educational programs for the students and faculty to enhance excellence in the Berkeley Heights school district;
  • Encourage community involvement in the education process, strengthening links between community groups and the schools;
  • Provide resources and programs that enrich our children’s appreciation of the arts and humanities; and
  • Support the Berkeley Heights school district’s long-range technology plan so students are prepared for the world and work place of the twenty-first century.

To accomplish these goals, the BHEF sponsors community-wide fundraisers and seeks support through tax deductible contributions from local residents, small businesses, and large corporations.

BHEF's Literary Lunch event
BHEF Grants 2015

Our Vision

No greater challenge faces our community than preparing our children for the future. As the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation continues its work, your help is crucial. During the last decade, community involvement has been at the core of the BHEF’s success in transforming its ongoing vision into reality. With your support and generous donations, trustees of the BHEF will continue in the footsteps of our founders, as we continue to make a difference in the quality of educational opportunities for the children in Berkeley Heights.