BHEF Junior Board

What is the BHEF Junior Board and who is eligible?

The BHEF Junior Board is a youth service opportunity to promote the function and growth of the BHEF.  The experience is designed to help high school students develop leadership, networking, and professional skills through service and volunteerism.  Junior Board members engage in critical work that supports the BHEF’s mission and helps spread awareness to Berkeley Heights schools, parents, donors, and businesses.


How will participants benefit?


BHEF Junior Board membership benefits include:

  • ​Mentoring by business professionals
  • Earn community service hours
  • ​Learn about non-profit board membership
  • Collaboration with Executive Board
  • Attendance at BHEF Trustee meetings/conference calls
  • Public recognition of membership
  • Potential for letters of recommendation
  • Presentation of the Junior Board opportunity to BHEF supporters
  • Development of important professional skills, including time management, networking, critical thinking, fundraising, communication, public speaking​, professional etiquette and teamwork

What is expected of BHEF Junior Board members?

  • Members will serve an approximately 10-month term corresponding to the current school year. 
  • Each member will be assigned to at least one (1) BHEF Committee where, along with Committee members, they will actively participate in fundraising activities, event planning/management, and/or the administration of the grant application process. 
  • Members will also be invited to and asked to participate in at least two (2) BHEF Trustee meetings where they will collaborate with BHEF Trustees and learn about foundation governance.
  • Students under the age of 18 will be required to furnish a signed release form from a parent or guardian allowing the BHEF to use their names and photos in BHEF communications

To inquire about serving on the BHEF Junior Board, please contact us at