Your Donation Dollars at Work

Each year, the BHEF offers teachers and administrators the opportunity to apply for grants that support innovative and creative educational programs as well as technology and equipment in the Berkeley Heights Public Schools. Grant applications are distributed to all teachers and administrators in the spring, and the BHEF meets with school staff to review the grant process. Applications are due in October and the BHEF awards grants in November.  The BHEF funded about $25,000 in grants for the 2016-2017 school year, as described on the In The Schools page.

In previous years, the Berkeley Heights Education Foundation has sponsored  programs such as:

  • AlphaBetter desks and stools– The AlphaBetter Desk allows students to stand or sit while working, enabling the student who naturally fidgets to release energy and better focus on classroom activities. (awarded to Marie Pelligrini of Mountain Park School)
  • Ukuleles A classroom set of ukuleles, cases, and musical tools to implement teaching the instrument to all 5th grade students across the 3 elementary schools. (awarded to Stephanie Spano of Hughes, Mountain Park, and Woodruff schools)
  • Piñata card craft kitMaterials for use by students as they create their own Spanish greeting cards while exploring Spanish culture and practicing language writing and reading skills. (awarded to Wendi Goldstein of Woodruff and Hughes schools)
  • NJ Studies Weekly publication subscription A subscription to the weekly publication both in print and online for the 4th grade social studies curriculum. (awarded to Kim Delatour of Woodruff School)
  • Lifecycles teaching tools Third grade students experience the life cycles of ladybugs, frogs, and butterflies right before their eyes! (awarded to Gina Holzman of Mountain Park school)
  • Disabilities Awareness assembly All 1st and 2nd grade students will have the opportunity to see the “Kids on the Block” disabilities awareness puppet show. (awarded to Debra Ruetsch of Woodruff, along with Margaret Berry of MKM, Emily Long of Hughes, and Jill Fischer of Mountain Park School)
  • Digital microscope Boom mounted digital microscope that will link to the Promethean Board, along with set of 100 biological specimen slides including plants, insects, and animal tissues. (awarded to Carla Pastore of Mountain Park School)
  • World floor maps Set of laminated world maps to be adhered to the classroom floor to enhance the delivery of instruction and provide a more authentic visual tool for students. (awarded to Sean Waller of Woodruff School)
  • iPad magnifier lenses Two full classroom sets of clip-on microscope lenses for iPads to be used in Biology and Science Elective coursework. (awarded to Lisa Dhaibar, Greg Dunkerton, Matt Dailey, Lara Mendenhall, and Jim Rutzler of GL High School)
  • Yoga course equipment Classroom set of yoga materials including yoga mats, yoga blocks, mobile cart, yoga charts, instructional DVD and music CDs to implement a new physical education unit. (awarded to Beryl Roman of GL High School)
  • Yoga program equipment Classroom set of yoga mats, instructional DVD, and guidebook for teachers to bring yoga exercises into the classroom. (awarded to Laura Doeringer of MKM ECC)
  • Wall art Materials needed for GL art students to recreate famous artist self-portraits as wall murals throughout the school. (awarded to Neal Korn of GL High School)
  • Therapeutic listening tools Set of tools needed to pilot a program of therapeutic listening for preschool students with difficulty in attention and sensory processing. (awarded to Joanna Trainor and Christine Ekert of MKM ECC)
  • Women’s Leadership seminar Present to students in grades 5-12 and their parents a seminar with successful female panelists who have risen to the pinnacle of their fields. (awarded to Ann Clifton of GL High School)
  • Magna Design MagnaTiles for use students in grades 2-5 to study STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) themes such as shape & form, symmetry, cityscapes, origami, and tessellations. (awarded to Jennifer Hanselman of Hughes and Mountain Park schools)
  • Professional Mallet player workshop A professional mallet player will perform and conduct question and answer session with instrumental students in grades 6-12 and percussion students in the elementary schools as well as hold a clinic with percussion students in grades 6-12. (awarded to Laurie Scott of GL High School)
  • NJ Sea Grant Consortium program Program admission fees for 50-60 oceanography, environmental science, and biology students to experience the salt marshes and barrier beaches of Sandy Hook, NJ. (awarded to Lara Mendenhall of GL High School)
  • Robotics Club materials Robotics competition sets and materials for use by the new Robotics Club in competitions, as well as Lego Mindstorm EV3 sets to provide beginners with programming and building experience. (awarded to Nicole Manganelli of GL High School)
  • Rainforest unit materials DVDs, books, and rainforest seed bracelet project kits for students to participate in hands-on cultural activities. (awarded to Mariann Tierney of Mountain Park School)
  • Berkeley Heights Veterans Commemorative Book Students in the Quest program will collaborate together and create a commemorative book of the Berkeley Heights veterans. (awarded to Andrea Masri of Woodruff School)
  • Ocean drifter – Students will create an oceanographic surface drifter device that will be tracked via satellite as it travels the Atlantic Ocean. (awarded to Lara Mendenhall of GL High School)
  • Reading Rewards online reading log Licenses for 4th and 5th grade students to use Reading Rewards online reading logs to track reading progress, set individual reading targets, and read student reviews. (awarded to Maria Graziano and Eli Quinonez of Mountain Park School)
  • Audio / Video conferencing equipment Video conferencing and audio/video presentation equipment for the Stieffl Theater (awarded to Joe Voorhees of GL High School)
  • Lego WeDo robotics software and sets Pilot program materials to introduce robotics in the in-school computers club. (awarded to Marilyn Merrill of Mountain Park and Woodruff schools)
  • Precision iPad stylus pens Making extraordinary contour line drawings on the iPad will now be possible with this classroom set of precision iPad stylus pens. (awarded to Neal Korn of GL High School)
  • Frog Dissection and Cell Structure iPad applications With a classroom set of application licenses, 7th grade science students will be able to use hands-on iPad applications to analyze and identify organs associated with different body systems and the structure of different types of cells (awarded to Marcie McLaughlin and Pamela Wilczynski of Columbia Middle School)
  • iPad adapters Adapters to connect classroom teacher iPads with the smart board in their rooms. (awarded to Susan Poage of MKM ECC)
  • Camtasia screen recording software and USB microphones Licenses for Camtasia screen recording and video editing software, along with USB microphones to enable teachers to create videos in order to better implement the flipped classroom. (awarded to Jeremy Marx of Columbia Middle School)* This grant was named the Marsha Miller Grant for Outstanding Innovation for 2015.
  • PDF converter software Software will enable the classroom teacher to modify and enrich instructional materials for students with disabilities. (awarded to Jennifer Fischer of Hughes School)