Capstone Project at CMS

Students in the 8th Grade Accelerated Science program will be working with a partner on a capstone project (multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students). The capstone project simulates the process scientists follow in order to complete a scientific inquiry; students will conduct background research, define a question/problem, write a proposal, carry out investigations, and then present their findings to the public. This project will run during the course of the year and culminate with a scientific poster presentation symposium. Students have the possibility of conducting research, building educational models to be used in school, or engineering a device. Example projects: Scale model of the solar system, Study on how to reduce food waste in school cafeteria, model of body functions, and hydroponic garden. The purpose of this grant would be to provide funding for students to acquire materials that may be needed to conduct the research or build the model. The goal of this grant would be to enhance the process even more by allowing students the opportunity to learn about grant writing. Students would have to submit grant proposals that will be decided upon by a panel (teachers/administration/BHEF). (awarded to Thomas Clayton and Brandon White for CMS)